If you’re in receipt of child tax credit then you automatically qualify for 100% free loft and cavity wall insulation for your home.

How is this possible?

Insulation grants are provided by UK energy companies and are distributed to various schemes across the country. If you’re in receipt of child tax credit and have a household income of less than £15,860, energy companies are required to fully insulated your home to the recommended level absolutely free. Targets are set by the Government to ensure those who are most in need of loft or cavity wall insulation can have this installed and fines are imposed to those companies who fail to meet their target.

Who qualifies?

To qualify for free insulation, you must answer yes to all of the following:

  • In receipt of Child Tax Credit
  • A child up to the age of five years old living in the property
  • A household income of less than £15,860 (before tax).

If you answer yes to the above, apply here for free insulation today or call us on 0800 118 2307.

Why install insulation

As heat rises and reaches an uninsulated loft space, it quickly escapes or turns into cooler air, reducing the temperature inside your home. Loft insulation instantly reduces the amount of valuable heat escaping through your roof and retains it within your home. An uninsulated loft space could be costing you hundreds of pounds per year in wasted energy. And with energy bills higher than ever, installing loft insulation is an instant and cost-effective way of creating a warmer home and putting those wasted pounds back into your wallet.

Insulating your walls is quick and mess-free.

A professional insulation installer will be able to carry out cavity wall insulation in around 2-3 hours, with the minimum of disruption. The installer will drill a series of small holes (around 25mm) in order to reach the gap between your two outer walls. They will then blow or inject insulation material (this can vary but typically it is made up of tiny pockets of air that prevent cooler air passing through) into the gap between your two outer walls.