Mr Cameron today urged homes to reduce their energy bill by ensuring they have adequate insulation installed.

In response to ever-rising energy bills, the Government admitted it has limited power to reduce wholesale prices, but said that simple measures can be taken to increase the energy efficiency of a property.

Insulation slashes energy bills by 40%

Insulation is the easiest and most effective way of saving energy by reducing the amount of heat that escapes from loft or walls. It is a relatively straight forward procedure can save the average home around £250 a year.

Claim a free grant for 40%-100% off insulation

Energy companies are obliged to provide funding to every home towards the cost of installing insulation, under Government plans to reduce the country’s overall carbon emissions.

Funding can be claimed for free through a locally approved insulation installer.

You can claim your free insulation grant here and we’ll direct your application to an approved insulation installer in your local area.

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