Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change announces the launch of the first Annual Energy Statement.

This sets out how the UK will accelerate the transformation of our economy. And to help imagine how we meet our energy needs in the future, the new 2050 calculator allows you to explore the country’s energy options for 2050.

Insulation grants will play an important role in helping Britain meet its target for reducing carbon emissions by 2012.

One thought on “Chris Huhne explains the importance of changing the UK's energy supply

  1. I think that, to encourage people to improve the energy efficiency of homes,
    any such work should by 0% VAT rated- for example:-
    insulation for roofs, wall, floors.
    new windows.
    new energy efficient boilers and other
    innovative heating systems, solar panels or windmills

    We have just refurbished an small 1960′s property and spent over £20,000 on new windows, new heating system and insulation to bring the property to current standards incurring VAT of £3500 – where are the incentives?


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