The latest figures from the government have shown that more householders than ever in the UK are taking advantage of cheaper insulation deals and are installing the product in their lofts and walls.

DECC figures

The figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that as of January 2011, 12.9 million houses in the UK had loft insulation added to a thickness of at least 125mm. This represents an increase of 310,000 since October 2010; just 4 months before. There are a total of 26.6 million homes in the UK.

It has also been noted by the DECC that many of these insulation installations have been carried out by the home owner themselves. In fact 172,000 homeowners installed their insulation on a DIY basis and 112,000 people asked a professional installer to do it for them.

Cavity wall insulation

But it isn’t just loft insulation which has seen an increase. Cavity wall insulation has also seen risen by 84,000 installations to 112,000 since October 2010. This represents a 33% increase, but this increase is lower than the number of installations from the same quarter in the previous year. If new homes are taken into account the figures for wall cavity insulation increase to 140,000.

The government has been encouraging homeowners to insulate their homes in an effort to reach targets for reducing carbon emissions. This has meant that utility companies are joining together with DIY merchants to offer insulation at cheaper than ever prices.

The DECC figures on housing insulation will be updated quarterly and the next figures are expected in May 2011.

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