The Department of Energy and Climate Change came off relatively lightly in yesterdays round of spending cuts. A 30% cut in admin costs is being forced, but an overall 5% reduction in funding.

The good news is grants for loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are secure for the immediate future, but homeowners and private tenants are being urged to apply for their grant now whilst funding is still available.

An estimated 1 million eligible homes have still not taken advantage of grants for home insulation, which could see them save up to £220 a year off their energy bill. Free insulation is available to those over 70 or on certain benefits, and for everyone else a grant of between 40-70% is available.

More good news came yesterday when the Government dispelled rumours they would cut the solar feed in tariff and pledged to leave the current rate unchanged until the next review.

Further discussions will focus on the new Green Deal scheme, whereby homes can borrow money to improve their energy efficiency and pay it back through savings in their energy bill. Details are sketchy and this is not due to be launched for another two years.

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