Recent figures from The Friends of the Earth has suggested that properties which are let out are the least likely to be properly insulated, despite the fact that spending just £900 on wall cavity and loft insulation could make a big difference to the lives of tenants.

New legislation

Friends of the Earth are pointing out that the governments new Green Deal which allows home owners to borrow money to improve the energy efficiency of their home does not help the most vulnerable people, many of whom are forced to rent their accommodation. They are calling for new legislation to ensure that the least well insulated homes meet a minimum standard – including those home which are rented to tenants.

Reports from the organisation suggest that 19% of the 3.1 million rented out properties in the UK are poorly insulated. This means that those who rent their properties are missing out on possible savings of more than £400 per year on their heating bills. They also point out that spending just £900 could significantly improve this situation for tenants. Friends of the Earth also say that improving the energy efficiency of all homes could even reduce the amount spent by the NHS on winter related illnesses.

Comprehensive plan

Dave Timms from Friends of the Earth has commented that the Green Deal could leave many people out in the cold unless a more comprehensive plan which includes all homes and sets a minimum standard is put in place.

It has been pointed out that the Energy Bill which is currently being debated could put in place a legal minimum level of energy efficiency for all rented homes. It is expected this will be in place by 2016. Landlords who fail to met these standards after this time will be committing an offence.

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