Home insulation has become a vital part in today’s green friendly world. With the various efforts of trying to cut down on emissions and conserve energy, many new policies are coming into play. The UK government plans to penalise all homeowners who have not insulated their homes by the end of this year. Many households have already gone through with the home insulation grant.

The grant covers up to 100% depending on your age, type of home and what benefits you receive. Home insulation covers other services as well such as glazing of windows and sealing of wooden floors, however these are not covered under current funding.

With the grants ending in December 2012 many household owners are advised to take advantage of the grants before the tax laws are put in place.

Among the main forms of insulation, loft insulation grants have also been allocated to insulate lofts and conserve heat lost through the roofs of houses. The heat loss through lofts is a serious concern for energy saving. In any household over 40% of the energy is lost through the roof.

This is due to the void and the thin layer that separates the outside temperature from the internal space in the roof. Therefore insulation is done either by laying several layers of insulator to make a layer that is 200mm thick for maximum efficiency. Materials such as vermiculite and mineral fibre are used. Crevices and awkward spaces are covered using another form of insulation known as “blown” insulation. These methods completely seal the heat flow and prevent heat from escaping.

Specialists are available for hire to oversee and perform this task. The loft insulation grants come with a full recommendation and a quote for customers who want an estimate. The insulation material used is guaranteed for 25 years.  Loft insulation is not recommended for home owners to carry out by themselves due to the risks involved, such as electrical cabling and structural defects. Eligibility for loft insulation grants are similar to the other grants being offered by insulation grants. 

Insulation grants save over £179 annually and reduce carbon emissions by 60kg a year. With the global warming crisis looming over our heads experts recommend that everyone do their part to reduce emissions.

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