In this era of purse tightening, the last thing you want to land on your lap is more costly energy bills. You, like many others in this country, can probably cast your mind back to a time when gas and electric bills were FAR lower than they are today. So why have they become such a financial burden?

1) Greed. Energy supplier profits are UP, and believe it or not, wholesale energy costs are DOWN. Instead of passing the savings onto you, the big gas and electricity giants are pocketing the difference.

2) Saving the environment. It sure is great to do our bit for the green cause, but very strict restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions is likely to force up the cost of wholesale prices. As you can expect, we’ll take the brunt of the cost!

3) Future uncertainty. Whilst wholesale prices are declining from highest ever levels just a few years ago, there’s no certainly over whether the decline will continue. The state of the economy is still fragile, with many claiming that the worst is not over yet. The future could bring further rises and further costs for the consumer.

So, in summary, you could be looking at even HIGHER energy prices, with increases on top of the massive bills pushed through over the course of the last few years. Why should you be paying that much when you really don’t have to?

Want to reduce your energy bills? Here are two main ways:

1) Reduce what you’re paying. Use energy comparison sites to find better deals. It’s really worth doing, even if you’ve never considered it before, as you could save HUNDREDS of pounds every year. Not bad for an hour’s worth of searching around.

2) Improve your home. You’re spending your hard earned cash on gas, so make sure you get every pennies worth. Improved insulation can save up to 30% on your energy bills, just by vastly improving your homes ability to contain heat. Best of all, you can get grants towards improved insulation, so you don’t need to fork out on anything, and you could start immediately saving money with much lower heating bills. It’s as simple as that! Learn more about insulation grants.

One thought on “Something we’re ALL suffering from: Rising energy bills. Why?

  1. SSE Scottish and Southern Energy plc who supply M S Energy will increase prices for household electricity by 11 average and household gas by 18 on 14 September 2011. After that it will not implement another household energy price increase before August 2012 at the earliest. Since M S Energy became available in 2008 electricity prices have never increased.


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