Warm Front grants suspended until April 2011

Last month, the coalition Government announced that funding for the Warm Front scheme, which provides grants for home insulation, was to be suspended until April 2011, following a higher-than-expected number of applications during 2010.


  • Warm front insulation grants have been suspended.
  • Government funded insulation grants can still be claimed through CERT funding.
  • Apply here for your grant

Insulation grants can still be claimed through CERT funding

However, Warm Front is not the only source of free grants for insulating your home.

The big 5 energy companies are obliged by the Government to pay-back a certain percentage of their profits to UK households in the form of energy saving insulation grants. This obligation was introduced in 2008 as part of the Government’s Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) which aims to reduce UK carbon emissions.

CERT funding is not affected by the suspension of Warm Front funding and grants are still available.

Apply for your CERT-funded insulation grant here

Home insulation grants can be applied for here. You can receive anything from 50%-100% off the cost of insulating your cavity walls and loft, which means you could have free insulation for your whole house – creating a warmer environment and helping to slash energy bills – absolutely free!

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