Loft insulation has always been a popular way to reduce bills and increase a home’s energy efficiency, but more and more people are now making the switch to renewables in order to take this one step further.

Solar panel installers have enjoyed a 400% increase in orders during in the last 12 months, largely fueled by generous feed-in tariff payments. A typical 4 bedroom property could earn a return of 10-15% each year if receiving the higher rate of 43.3p.

Many experts agree this solar boom has kick started interest in a range of renewables. The Find Energy Savings web site ( has reported a rise in the number of homes researching air source heat pumps after having installed solar panels. The energy generated during the day via the panels can then power the air source heat pump, which will generate the hot water and heat in the evening.

Whilst solar panels and heat pumps have dropped significantly in price during the past few months, they are still too expensive for many home owners. The Government is hoping the Green Deal scheme (due to be launched later this year) will help to make these systems more accessible to the masses by providing low-interest loans to increase the energy efficiency of a property. The ‘golden rule’ ensures that the repayments on this loan are never more than the savings experienced off the properties energy bill.

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